Artist at heart. Weaver of words. Grammar snob.

jennifer b. jacobs - marketing consultant for entrepreneurs and small businesses atlanta

I'm the one-stop-shop virtual marketing department for small businesses that have been suffering through DIY-itis! Now is the time for you to get cured…and to remember what it’s like to sleep again. In a world where people no longer think grammar is that important and assume they are fine squeaking by with haphazard marketing, in swoops a cape-donning heroine with a child on her back. And red lipstick. Don’t forget the lipstick.


I've been full-on in my business for 8 years. Before that, I worked in corporate/retail marketing while freelancing on the side. My skills are a combo of self-taught and on-the-job, and I take a lot of pride in that. My mom had her own design business, and I learned a lot from her as well. (My entrepreneurial parents helped me form the business idea for what I have now when I was a pre-teen, as evidenced by this semi-embarrassing excerpt from a middle school report.) 


Now I'm a mom and doing what I love while working from home, so you know your success means my own. Advertising receives a lot of criticism, but done the right way, it has the power to compel people, and I have always been fascinated by this impact when it's genuine. When all you have to see is a logo or even sometimes a particular color to make you instantly recognize the advertiser, you know they've achieved something amazing. And just as there is power in advertising, there is a beautiful power in the written word. Good writing makes people connect with you, especially when it stands out in a crowd of overstated copy promising the world while full of typos. I just want to tell your story honestly and help you do what you're called to do.

Outside work, I'm a mom/stepmom to 3 incredible kids ages 4-14 and a bevy of pets. My husband and I have a band called The Dark & the Light. We have a lot going on but mostly a lot of love and believe life's too short to do anything you hate for a living. I also draw/illustrate, paint, sculpt, decorate...art (in any form) is one of the greatest joys in my life, and I believe love and art have the power to save people. 

P.S. This side of my business is more geared toward entrepreneurs and small businesses. If you have a larger firm that is more corporate/professional services in nature, check out my agency for that called Jenesis Marketing.

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