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"Stressed-out small business seeks experienced, non-intimidating marketing-department-in-a-box to cure headache. Must understand the art of keepin' it real and avoiding lingo while delivering tangible results."

jennifer b. jacobs - marketing consultant for entrepreneurs and small businesses atlanta

Should marketing my business really have to feel this frustrating and overwhelming? 

Marketing - and that "branding" people always talk about - feel like a big, expensive mystery I can't understand or afford!

I want to grow my customer base with more effective, professional marketing, but I need someone to take it off my plate because, hellooooo, I have a business to run!


Hey. Small business with DIYitis. I'm talkin' to YOU.​

You feel lost when it comes to where and when to advertise. Or maybe you just realize that's time you could be spent connecting with clients and actually running your business (or sleeping; remember that?!). But you definitely aren't interested in hiring an in-house marketing department.


You understand the power of social media - or maybe you don't, but you don't have time and energy for keeping up with it or researching how to make it extra effective. You have all these ideas going around in your mind for blog posts - you've even logged a few in Evernote - that you haven't known what to do with for two years. You know your thrown-together ads are getting you nowhere.

Maybe business has started declining a little, and you're not sure how to attract new customers and inspire a sense of loyalty in the ones you have...or you're not doin' too shabby but don't want to sit on your laurels in hopes it will magically stay that way...or you're just starting out and feel totally clueless.

You're tired of people trying to sell you on advertising methods that you have no idea will work or not; maybe you've even been burned in the past by unfulfilled promises. You just want someone to have a conversation with you - hold your hand a little bit - and then get you where you need to be. But you don't want it to take forever, and while you're a willing participant, you don't want to have to "do" too much. You're not really looking for graphs, flowcharts, or mysterious marketing jargon. You just want a sound plan that makes sense, spoken in a real-life way that reassures you it's all going to be okay.

My affordable, customized marketing package for your small business takes the headache away. I will get to know your business and industry to find what works and what doesn't. You'll get a thorough PDF of strategy for doable marketing that will tell your business' story in the language your clients will connect with, and then I will make it happen by essentially BEING your marketing department. (It doesn't create tons more stuff for you to do!) Each package is individually tailored to your particular requirements because every business is unique, and so are you.


Get ready to say bye-bye to sporadic social media updates and an email newsletter once every 7 months. I'll get you on people's radars and keep you there with ongoing, regular marketing.

When you free up time formerly spent doing your own advertising (or making another employee juggle it on top of their regular job), you can all just do what you do best and welcome more clients - which translates to less stress and MORE income.



  • In-depth ideal client values work so you can send the right message to the right people

  • Differentiation from your competition

  • How to build hype to let the world know you're there!

  • Eval of your current website, social media, blog, branding, and current advertising

  • Call-to-action development

  • Where and how you should be advertising for maximum ROI

  • Ways to be involved in your community to boost up people's opinion of you AND your karma





  • Social Media Takeover (updating Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram AS YOU) 

  • Ghostwriting blog posts & articles AS YOU

  • Branding design

  • Print ad design

  • Web design

  • Email newsletter design

  • Copywriting for ALL your content marketing

  • Contract management for the publications that will best reach YOUR ideal clients

  • Yelp page maintenance 

Still aren't convinced? Really? Okay, let's keep going.


​My Dandelions to Darts marketing-dept-in-a-box is an investment back into your business because:

  • I will save you time (you can concentrate on just running your business while I get the advertising done) and save you money (you will know your advertising budget is being spent wisely).

  • You can overcome last-minute decisions & deadlines with a customized plan and let go of shot-in-the-dark advertising.

  • Your website, print, social media, and other advertising will do more than just get your message across: it will be able to reach its full potential! Why have decent marketing that gets you by when you can have memorable marketing that makes you shine?

  • My graphic design and writing abilities work hand-in-hand with my marketing knowledge, allowing me to execute the strategy, not just devise it. I won't just tell you what to do; I'll do it. (Just remember that it is a partnership, and our adventure will require some input from you. But I promise it won't hurt.)

  • You will fall in love with your business all over again because it will reconnect you with your drive. It'll help get you out of that day-to-day rut where you're going along blindly and doing the bare minimum of what has to be done. And when you're working along the wavelength of being in love with your business vs. just maintaining it, people will naturally be attracted to that energy. Which means they want to spend money with you so your calling is your living.

The booklet you receive isn't meant to be put on a shelf to gather dust. It's designed to offer you an intentional refocusing on how to target your ideal customer to the point where it becomes a natural part of the energy you project into and about your business...not just through your conscious advertising but in the way you and your employees talk to people, the products you choose to sell, and the services you offer.


My goal is to make you feel taken care of and to guide you through the process so that it doesn't feel like one more thing on your to-do list. More gets done but without your feeling stretched! Wouldn't that feel good?!

I can even help you name - or rename - your business. It's been done!


And, by the way, I only take on a certain number of Dandelions to Darts Marketing-Dept-in-a-Box clients at one time. This allows me to give each client the attention they deserve, while giving me the ability to have the family-life-work balance I choose to have for myself.

Park Pet Supply's owner, Vicki, was experiencing the all-too-common condition of DIYitis. Also known as Marketing Overwhelm. Fortunately, this is a curable disease! Dr. Jen to the rescue.


We began our marketing adventure with a doable, non-overwhelming marketing strategy package, in which I researched and presented the most effective ways to advertise, tagline development, how to get more Facebook likes/comments/shares, target customer strategy, calls-to-action for the shop and nextdoor dog wash to drive more traffic, differentiating from competition, current website evaluation, print ad strategy to make them more effective (thereby increasing her ROI), the best publications in which to advertise, and more.


We are doing monthly Social Media Takeover to reduce a great deal of time and energy she needed to be spending running her store, monthly print ads, and regular email marketing. The store also frequently gets articles published in local print and web publications based on her ideas to further establish her as an expert in her field and build on the store's sense of community in East Atlanta Village and surrounding intown Atlanta areas. 


An added bonus she wasn't even expecting: falling even more in love with her business and her mission as this new way of looking at her business has become more of a lifestyle than a daily struggle. Marketing has become fun again instead of a chore. Stop in and ask her how relieved she is! Or just read her testimonial:

Case Study: Park Pet Supply

Before Jennifer took over marketing for my pet supply shop, I would only put out ads whenever I happened to think about it because I simply didn’t have time, and they weren’t professionally-designed. As a small business owner, I have a lot going on at any given time and was ready to hand over my marketing to someone I knew I could trust to just make it work, without looking over their shoulder or wondering if the results would be what I’d do if I had the time. I can depend on her to say things in my own voice and project the right message behind my business to the right customers. Having so much off my plate has freed me to focus on running my store, which is where my attention needs to be.


And something I didn’t expect: working with Jennifer got me back in touch with the passion I felt when I first opened my shop and has helped me fall in love with my business all over again. Marketing feels fun again instead of a chore. You get more than “just” marketing when you work with Jennifer!

Victoria Park - Park Pet Supply - East Atlanta, GA -

True story. One afternoon, I was blowing dandelions in my daughter's face and making her giggle. It suddenly occurred to me that a lot of small business owners (often on a budget) approach their marketing like that: tossing a few seeds out there, hoping they will stick somewhere and drum up business but never really having someone to guide them through it. For several days, I had dandelions on the brain and couldn't shake it. At 4:30 AM a few nights later, I woke up. Wide-eyed. Couldn't sleep. And it suddenly hit me. Dandelions to Darts. That's what I do; I take your shot-in-the-dark marketing and turn it into targeted marketing. (And take the pain out of the process for you while I'm at it.) My package title was born. 

What's in a name?
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