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Ironically, for a marketing business, most of my clients come through word-of-mouth. :) Every client I help means the world to me.

Jennifer was referred to me from another one of her clients and mutual connection of ours. I knew if he trusted her, then she was going to be good, and I was not disappointed. I hired Jennifer to create a graphic to launch my bookkeeping business online. She took such great care to understand me and my essence. She distilled that down and sprinkled her creativity on it, and the result was perfect. I received so many compliments, which speaks for itself. 

Thank you for finding the words to simply say what I want to say. I’m so glad to have you!

Leigh Layton - Layton Consulting LLC

Jennifer was able to capture the unique flavor of my company and me, far better than the result I was prepared for. Her designs and creations were not at all what I had expected. They were way out-of-the-box...which is exactly right for me!


Jennifer devoted a large amount of time to the collaborative process to gain the insight necessary to create a website and branding that accurately reflect who I am and the true spirit of my business. I would definitely recommend her if you’re sick of generic and want something truly personalized!​

Caroline Boyd - Caroline Boyd Architectural Designs

I LOVE IT!!! Still laughing at how you nailed me. It's awesome. You totally magically got what I love. Yay!! Seriously - this makes me feel like a baller. So happy.

Christie Mims - The Revolutionary Club and Career Happiness Revolution and

Oh, my, you hit it out the park on the first try!! I love how when you choose individuals that are soulfully connected, the process and outcome are magical. I love it!!! 

Coach Shantel Smith - Launch Your Vision and Happy Soul Retreat - Atlanta, GA and

I'm feeling energized simply by the fact that I have hired you. Thanks for helping me be a better business owner. Your work is breathing life into my business.

Ellen Italiaander - Elevate Your Body Pilates & Fitness Studio - Sandy Springs, GA

My logo is amazing and beautiful and perfect. My heart stopped. I can't stop looking at it and being in love with it!

Lauren Merritt - Toys & Ivy

We were referred to Jennifer by bbr marketing when we were looking for someone to give us a strategy plan to work from. We didn’t have much going on in the way of marketing and needed assistance with our new website and ideas on how to attract and engage new clients. Since hiring Jennifer to be our marketing-dept-in-a-box and handle everything for us, we’ve seen a dramatic increase in Facebook interaction and phone calls, which is translating into new business for us. We also love our gorgeous new print materials that we’re proud to hand out to people!


I’m running a busy and successful landscaping company and don’t have time or energy to think about ads, social media, articles, and the like, but I know how important it is to have regular marketing to keep our business running strong. It’s a relief to have someone I can trust to make it happen and who knows how to attract the right kinds of clients for us!

Pam Dooley - Plants Creative Landscapes - Decatur, GA

Before Jennifer took over marketing for my pet supply shop, I would only put out ads whenever I happened to think about it because I simply didn’t have time, and they weren’t professionally-designed. As a small business owner, I have a lot going on at any given time and was ready to hand over my marketing to someone I knew I could trust to just make it work, without looking over their shoulder or wondering if the results would be what I’d do if I had the time. I can depend on her to say things in my own voice and project the right message behind my business to the right customers. Having so much off my plate has freed me to focus on running my store, which is where my attention needs to be.


And something I didn’t expect: working with Jennifer got me back in touch with the passion I felt when I first opened my shop and has helped me fall in love with my business all over again. Marketing feels fun again instead of a chore. You get more than “just” marketing when you work with Jennifer!

Victoria Park - Park Pet Supply - East Atlanta, GA

Love everything about you, Jen Jacobs! You are an awesome person with fantastic business savvy that has been so instrumental for us! Shinemaker!!!!

James and Michelle Hill - James Hill Photography - Decatur, GA

My heart is pounding, and I'm smiling - this infographic is hilarious and will connect really well with everyone. You rock, Jennifer; thank you! I'm going to post it everywhere in the world. *shakes fists above head*

Cindi Schultz - digital content manager & owner of Foothold Services - Houston, TX

I used to manage my website myself, and I didn't enjoy it. The design never felt good, and it wasn't easy to use. When Jen took over, I started to get compliments on it for the first time!  The site looked great, and she implemented a couple of simple changes that made it so much easier to use - and because of our combined energies, the process became fun and creative for me! I used to feel embarrassed about my site and wouldn't refer clients to it. Now, I look forward to working on my site with Jen and feel good giving it to people. With my new site, my sales have at least doubled. Thank you!

Diana Young - animal communicator & Quantum Touch practitioner - Atlanta, GA (new site for coming soon!)

It's been wonderful working with Jennifer. Her services took my project to the next level. Now I have more time for more projects and less stress. I also have more confidence and no longer feel stuck.

Quinten Howard - author of the Bucktuscle children's book series - Atlanta, GA

There is so much I love about my business. Jewelry is beautiful, valuable, and is given for the most joyous of occasions. I spend my days buying fabulous gems and helping our wonderful clientele with their memorable purchases. There are also aspects of my business which challenge and sometimes frustrate me. Advertising is one of those. I know my product, I know my audience, and I know my image, but I don't know how to create a compelling, informative ad. Just like setting a diamond takes a skilled craftsman, composing an ad takes a skilled, creative graphic designer. For me, Jennifer Jacobs is that designer.

This past Christmas, I had the pleasure of working with Jennifer on the print advertising for Paul's Jewelry. I was amazed how easy and efficient she was to work with. I gave her various pictures and a vague, meandering concept of what I was going for, and she gave me the perfect visual on the first proof. I changed my mind often on the jewelry used, but she was unfazed. I needed several different sizes and formats and received them before the deadlines given. I needed a print ad changed into a web ad in three hours, and it was done! Working with Jennifer took the frustration out of advertising and replaced it with a great creative exchange of ideas and eye-catching designs. I'm actually excited about working on ads in the future with her and would highly recommend her to anyone needing a unique perspective and clear communication.

Patricia Naomi - Paul's Jewelry - Lafayette, LA

I wish I could've captured the way Sarah's face lit up the first time she saw her new logo...but, alas, the email she sent after her blog redesign will have to do! And it's not too shabby either.


The blog looks AMAZING! I love, love, love what you've done. You took ideas out of my head that I couldn't even explain and made the blog do them. I spent a lot of time just clicking between the tabs and being impressed with it!

Sarah Brown - Read It, Make It! - Atlanta, GA

Jennifer came into my life at just the right moment! I was introduced to her when one of my employees was on vacation, and we had a great RUSH project fall in our laps. I decided to take a chance and hire her to help write the needed copy, and she did a tremendous job. She quickly grasped the concept, wrote copy appropriate for the audience and medium, and even did so on a rush deadline. I would happily hire her again as the need arises and recommend you do so as well.

Bonnie Buol Ruszczyk - bbr marketing - Atlanta, GA

I have recently had the pleasure of working with Jennifer on a featured article for a local publication on the community of Kirkwood, GA. Her timely responses, creativity, and professionalism made it a pleasure to work with her. I highly recommend her!

Stuart Brady - The Business House/Kirkwood Car Wash - Atlanta, GA

I have always been amazed at how Jennifer can produce such high-quality work with such a quick turnaround time.

Ed Sullivan - Impact! Parties & Events and Rib Ranch - Marietta, GA

You killed the T-shirt design! I love it so much!! Can't wait to get some and take pics and sing your praises on our Facebook page for the website refresh and this! I mean, wow! It's just right! We are very much minimalists, and you hit it out of the park on that design! Thank you so much!

Melissa Gunter, MonkeyBean Photos - Jackson, GA

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