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I'm the shine-maker.

My number one goal: make your business shine brighter.

jennifer b. jacobs - marketing consultant for entrepreneurs and small businesses atlanta

I might not seem like your typical marketing consultant. I don't wear suits; I usually wear vintage tops and jeans. But then, I've never aimed to be typical if I can help it. ;)


I don't talk over your head. When you receive your Dandelions to Darts marketing strategy packet, it will feel like we're just having a conversation. I might not throw around a lot of lingo to try and sound smart, but don't mistake that for ineffectiveness. I believe in a playful approach that is well-balanced with professionalism; I love to inject whimsy but take growing your business extremely seriously. Partnering up on a marketing adventure with me will feel somewhere between your favorite coffee shop and new-office smell.  


​My graphic design and writing talent work hand-in-hand with my marketing knowledge to provide you with a comprehensive package deal. And while I have all this "knowledge and experience," (hopefully, the quotes keep me from sounding pretentious!), I most importantly work from a place of empathic intuition; I just GET you and your customers, and I see your business through their eyes and know what they need to see and hear.

I'll get to know you and your business to determine your needs, budget, and timeframe. If you aren't sure what you want, I can help you visualize. I'll communicate with you throughout our adventure to ensure you are happy with the results and clear on what's going on. Your business is like your baby, and I'll take care of your business just like you do. 

Something else that stands out about me compared to many other designers and writers (and even editors) is that I have exceptional spelling, grammar, and punctuation skills. Even one misplaced comma or apostrophe can completely change the effectiveness of an advertisement; it takes a company down a notch in professionalism and credibility. Because I pay such close attention to these details, my work not only looks great and gets the message across but gets it across more effectively. To put it another way: I make you look good!

The breakdown...

  • I offer a unique, fresh perspective on how to make your clients emotionally connect with you and your company through your advertising. I'm an intuitive designer and writer who will capture the most compelling way to convey what your business or service is about.

  • I write copy that grabs people and makes them want to keep reading...and actually retain what they read!

  • Typos quiver in fear at the sound of my name!

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