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Using Postcards to Attract Clients in the New Year

The new year is the season for POSTCARDS! People are so inundated with digital advertising, and sometimes a good, old-fashioned print piece is just what you need to stand out.

3 different clients of mine - Park Pet Supply, Elevate Your Body Pilates Studio, and Organized Chick- Professional Organizer - needed postcards for various marketing purposes. Take a look at each one to see if they give you any ideas for how you can target just the right folks who might need what you offer.

I'm including a doable New Year's resolution you can take away from each as well. :)

This is one from a series of postcards I designed for Organized Chick- Professional Organizer. Stephanie needed the ability to hand out something more than just a business card that would concisely explain what she does for people and businesses...something they'd want to hold onto and remember. The postcards are tailored for various services and clients - relocation, residential, and business - as well as this general card. This year will bring a brand new website for the company as well. RESOLUTION: Get your home and office organized so you can actually spend your time being productive! When you aren't looking for lost stuff and sifting through mounds of paper, you can work more efficiently and happily. Don't underestimate the power of an organized space to overflow into multiple areas of your life and work.

Park Pet Supply is located in the heart of East Atlanta Village, and the community is vital to them. Victoria wanted a way to welcome new residents to our awesome neighborhood who might not know about the shop yet or haven't tried it out for one reason or another, offering them a discount they can actually use. And, yes, that is me with my dogs on the back using their self-serve dog wash - we've been shopping at Park Pet for about 10 years ourselves! They've been my client for several years as well, and it makes me happy knowing I can play any part in making a difference to our section of town. RESOLUTION: Wherever you are, vow to shop local whenever possible! It's the shops like this one that empower communities and build real relationships with their neighbors. If you OWN a business like that, how are new folks hearing about you after moving to your area?

Ellen from Elevate Your Body Pilates Studio was looking for a simple way to spread the word about her studio to people in the immediate area, along with a way to entice people to come in who might feel a bit intimidated and need to feel reassured about the studio's environment of warmth and its family feel, especially this time of year when fitness is heavier on many people's minds. She can use these cards to pass out to current clients to give to their family and friends, as well as leave them in places where she knows her ideal clients frequent, so she knows the best fit people are joining in. RESOLUTION: Let go of any intimidation around yoga and Pilates (or whatever fitness you think is your best fit)...I used to feel that way too, and now I do them as much as I can! It's not just about physical health either; it's good for your mental and emotional health, and you (and likely those around you) will notice the difference in how you feel. Also, what's one thing you can give to potential new clients to get them to notice you and feel good about your biz?

I hope these postcards have inspired you with renewed vigor for spreading your business' message at the start of this brand new year! Here's to a happy and successful - whatever your definition is - 2016.


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