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Calling All Spiritually Conscious Folks who Need Marketing!*

*Hint: you probably all do, at least in some form!

Hi, I’m Jennifer B. Jacobs, and I do marketing for spiritually conscious people. "So what IS marketing exactly?" you might wonder. "And why does that word make me feel so yucky?”

Well. You’ve probably had some experience in your life where advertising in some form seemed dishonest or smarmy. Years ago, I launched my own personal campaign against this type of marketing. Sure, that kind might work sometimes. But effective doesn’t mean it feels good or does good. Or maybe you’ve had graphic design in the past that felt even a little too woo-woo for you and didn't accurately portray the heart of your business…not all spiritual branding has to have pictures of outer space!!!

At the heart of what I do, my true gift lies in intuitive MESSAGING. I tell your story in whatever ways resonate best with your most coveted types of clients you want to work with, who are just waiting to hear your message because they need what you can provide. The methods can vary from client to client and are always tailored, because what works for one life coach might not work for even another life coach. This is where my instincts and intuition come in, which I blend with good old-fashioned experience.

Now, if the purpose of your heart-centered, spiritual, or conscious business’ marketing is just sharing your message so that people who need it can hear it and resonate with your story, how could that ever be yucky? Sometimes it’s the spiritual businesspeople that shy away from advertising the most because it feels so inauthentic or impersonal…but I am here to tell you marketing can feel genuine, loving, and connective.

I've seen it happen time and time again, even with clients who don't consider themselves to have spiritual leanings: when you take the first step toward working with someone like me to help grow your business, the universe simply cannot help but respond in big ways. Just having new business cards, a new website, or even a bio or simple press release (a/k/a a written declaration of who you are and how you're serving humanity) clearly put it out there that you're saying YES to your calling. It also naturally makes you feel more confident and excited about living your purpose. This comes back to you in not only more clients but exactly the right ones.

I would love to talk with you and find out how I might be able to support the growth of your conscious business, cause, event, whathaveyou, and help you tell the story to all those people whose lives might change from hearing it. Together, we can make it shine beyond belief!

Here are some examples of branding I've done for spiritual services:

Come Shine with Me
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